Professionalism, with an understanding and enthusiasm for our work, is the key to our company’s work philosophy. Our staff all possess academic qualifications either in Archaeology, Cultural History, Earth Sciences or other relevant disciplines. In addition, they all have years of practical work experience, are skilled communicators and are fully up to date with the latest developments in the field. The majority of our consultants are qualified KNA Senior Archaeologists or Senior Prospectors and as such are authorised to write project specific Written Schemes of Investigations for archaeological mitigation, selection and valuation proposals and to take charge of archaeological field investigations.

Our working practices and products are regularly reviewed in order to ensure that we can both meet and exceed the requirements of our clients in both the public and private sectors.

In addition, we work according to the Codes of Practices agreed by the following branch organisations:

Archaeological Licence

Vestigia has a licence to conduct archaeological excavations (granted according to Article 45 of the Monuments Law). All our work is carried out according to the current versions of the Kwaliteitsnorm voor de Nederlandse Archeologie (Quality Control System for Dutch Archaeology). As a licence holder we are authorised to carry out prospections , evaluations and trial trenching as well as excavations and watching briefs. Within larger, more complex projects, for instance via Design & Construct contracts, Vestigia is able to support clients by efficiently managing and organising the complete archaeological process from the design phase to project completion. This saves time and money.