Vestigia is fully qualified to carry out all archaeological fieldwork, from evaluation and excavation to watching briefs. We work closely with our clients, their consultants and onsite contractors to develop strategies that take account of the pressures of development and construction whilst fulfilling the necessary planning conditions. We believe that fieldwork that is not based on an early-stage risk appraisal can often end up being an expensive and inconclusive exercise. We therefore almost always advise our clients to begin with a thorough desk-based assessment of an area. In this way we can verify the type of archaeology we expect to find, whether there has been previous disturbance to the terrain and what techniques will be most appropriate for further research.

We provide our clients with reliable and pragmatic advice on appropriate archaeological evaluation strategies and targeted techniques. These can include fieldwalking, geophysical survey, geoarchaeological boreholes, deposit modelling, trial trenching and the excavation of test pits. On the basis of our archaeological evaluations we provide information on the nature, extent and significance of the archaeological remains present on the site. This information allows an accurate assessment of any implications for the development itself and forms the basis for a research design or Written Scheme of Investigation and budget to be made for any subsequent mitigation work.

During trial trenching and excavations our senior archaeological field staff are permanently on hand and are experienced at working flexibly and communicating with construction teams. This enables decisions to be made quickly in the field, avoiding unnecessary delay and costs. Our field teams all make use of timesaving digital registration and documentation systems.

Watching briefs are carried out as a strategy for mitigation on sites where full-scale excavation is not deemed necessary. Our team work closely with the groundwork contractors to ensure adequate monitoring and rapid recording of any archaeological and built heritage evidence uncovered whilst ensuring that site progress is maintained.

It is often possible to work more cost-effectively by combining research disciplines within a project. We often work with our client’s own geotechnical engineers to combine site investigation work. Vestigia also has a network of qualified partners with which we can effectively integrate explosive or soil decontamination fieldwork with archaeological research, saving our clients time and money.

Examples of our services and products include

  • Desk-based Assessment
  • Geoarchaeological borehole research
  • Geophysics and Historic Landscape survey
  • Fieldwalking surveys
  • Recording of Built Heritage
  • Trial trenching
  • Archaeological excavation
  • Watching briefs
  • See also: Interdisciplinary collaboration

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