The development and maintenance of heritage policy in the Netherlands is the responsibility of individual government authorities. Most local authorities stipulate their own statutory requirements and conditions as part of planning and development procedures. These are usually linked to local and regional archaeological and cultural historical research requirements and agendas. In the last fifteen years Vestigia has advised and assisted numerous councils, provinces and water boards not only with the formulation of their own heritage policy and research agendas, but also with the preparation of the subsequent decision-making process. We provide expert guidance, enabling our client to set priorities and make the right choices. We can work quickly and efficiently to translate these choices into comprehensive policy documents and policy maps, as well as heritage and spatial planning statutes and regulations.

Our experienced team is equally at home in advising and supporting clients on the implementation of heritage policy. We can work either on an individual contract or subscription basis or by the temporary secondment of staff to work within your organisation.

Examples of our services and products include

  • Written Schemes of Investigation, research guidelines and specifications
  • Selection documents and Research Agendas
  • Heritage policy documents and regulations
  • Standards and Guidelines
  • Archaeological and Cultural Historical policy and characterisation maps
  • Cultural Historical and built heritage surveys and valuation
  • Second opinions and advice on reports
  • Academic and technical support for local council and provincial heritage services

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