Vestigia is a leading expert in the management of archaeological projects in the Netherlands, on land or at sea. Our experience, built up over more than 15 years, means we have an in-depth understanding of the kind of issues that affect projects ranging from major construction or infrastructure development schemes , to small-scale housing developments, utilities and renewable energy projects. We work closely with our clients, their consultants and contractors and commissioning authorities throughout the process, advising on how best to fulfill archaeological responsibilities in order to achieve the necessary project planning consent.

We can be relied upon to identify and manage archaeological issues whilst making use of potential opportunities, reducing impact and risk to your scheme and ensuring the best outcome within budget and planning. Over the years we have developed a number of products and processes – tailored to each phase of the project - that help us do this effectively. Our consultants can work as an integral part of your engineering and construction team to coordinate and manage the archaeological work within the project. Alternatively, we can take on responsibility in-house for the execution and delivery of all archaeological work on behalf of the client.

Examples of our services and products include

  • Early-stage Quick scans and Risk Appraisals
  • Scope and Project Design
  • Written Schemes of Investigation
  • In situ site protection advice
  • Advice and guidance by tendering and contracting
  • Detailed costings per project phase
  • Project coordination, inspection and management
  • Design & Construct execution: archaeological and cultural historical work in one hand
  • Post-excavation product and data control
  • On-site Open Days
  • Placemaking: reconstructions and communication of site heritage

Click here for examples of our most recent projects (factsheets in Dutch)