Our consultants all have their own area of academic expertise. As a company we encourage our team to maintain links with the development of innovative archaeological, landscape and cultural historical research that makes a genuine impact on our understanding of the past. We are happy to advise on and contribute to a wide range of projects, whether it be applied research, for example for policy purposes, pure academic research for new or ongoing research programmes, post-excavation analysis of developer- funded excavations, or on publications aimed at a wider public. We are happy to work with university researchers, research organizations, policy makers or other archaeological companiers. We offer a professional and result-oriented approach, delivering on time and within budget.

Thanks to our editorial expertise as well as our native English speakers, we can help you prepare all your Dutch or English language manuscripts for translation and publication.

Examples of our services and products include

  • Research for the benefit of policy
  • Research within the framework of research programmes
  • Academic research
  • Post-excavation research and publication
  • GIS-based archaeological maps and excavation plans
  • Translation services
  • Editorial services

Click here for examples of our most recent projects (factsheets in Dutch)